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Tommorow's People - London, England

Delancey Street residents going to meet Rt Hon Theresa May MP at the House of Commons, London, about Tomorrow's People replication of Delancey Street.

In August 2002, a small contingent from Tomorrow’s People visited the Delancey Street Foundation to see if it would be possible to develop a similar residential program for ex-offenders in the United Kingdom. Once in San Francisco, Tomorrow’s People representatives asked for assistance in replicating the Delancey model in the United Kingdom. Tomorrow’s People and their partner, Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust and their support foundation, Diago, have since sent numerous people for training at Delancey Street. Tomorrow’s People is a specialist charitable trust that started in 1984 and helps people out of long-term unemployment, welfare dependency or homelessness into jobs and self-sufficiency. In over a dozen visits to San Francisco, Delancey Street has trained their corporate sponsors, senior managers, private property developers, financial planners, corrections staff and managers, judges, parole board members, religious leaders and business leaders. Tomorrow’s People is establishing a 60 person program, The Junction, for male ex-offenders based on the guiding principle of work-based recovery and specialized support for residents. With technical assistance from Delancey Street they have secured support from a wide range of stakeholders including the judiciary and government. Tomorrow’s People is looking to set up training schools prior to the opening of the residential facility to develop markets for their products or services and to provide work and skills development and experience to prisoners, some of whom will participate in the residential model program. Delancey representatives met with Parlimentary supporters in Parliament in 2010 to discuss the public launch of the program.

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