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Time for Change - South Africa

Outside Johannesburg, South Africa several programs are doing an outstanding job copying the Delancey Street model with various groups such as girls who have been trafficked/used/abused in the sex trades who are now turning their lives around; street kids, and orphans and grandmothers. They have been doing little miracles in an incredibly difficult environment with the help of people like Francie Shonhiwa at Pretoria Portland Cement Company Limited and their own courage. We finally got to meet them in February 2010 and see the beautiful works they are doing. Phenomenally, their hydroponics roof garden looks identical to the hydroponics roof garden Delancey Street created on our roof in the early 80s. Theirs is producing fruit far tastier than did ours in the early years! We danced African dances together, enjoyed the cupcakes the bakery so proudly made for each of the 12 Delancey Street residents Mimi brought to help interact so the Delancey model could move their programs even further. One of their street youths presented Mimi with a painting of Nelson Mandela on behalf of the programs. The social entrepreneurship and family feeling of these programs were so close to the hearts of all the Delancey Street residents. We look forward to deeper exchanges programs.

Sewing project produces T-shirts for participants as well as having contracts to produce items such as sheets, spreads, curtains, baby clothes, school uniforms, track suits, etc. Along with sewing they sell soap they make to hotels.

Presentation of Mandela photo gift to Mimi from participants in Time for Change Arts Program in South Africa.

Dancing with Delancey folks.

Francie, Mimi, Sean Cronk (from Delancey) and street youths touring the roof garden.

The Bakery sells their products and made decorated cupcakes for all 12 DSF folks with tea.