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10th Alumni Reunion

No alumni reunion was ever like this.

Mary Carouba
Mary Carouba is an investigative social worker in the Human Services Department in Sonoma County and does comedy routines in clubs and cruise ships around the world and has written a wonderful book, Women at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion about the women impacted during the 9/11 attacks.

We’re proud of this picture.
It’s the first ever published of Delancey Street graduates. We took it because people keep asking us, “What happens to ex-drunks, ex-cons and ex- junkies after they leave the house?”

We’d like you to meet some of our graduates. The folks are (from left to right) Susan Donnelly, account executive for the Walter W. Cribbins Co.; Pat Donnelly and Tim Kennard, partners in Bug & Hare Repair, a Volkswagen repair shop; Sylvester Herring, Appropriate Technology Coordinator for the California Conservation Corps and the California Council of Criminal Justice; Ken Hepper, a supervisor for Varian, Inc.; Bill Zant, pre-med student; Laura Swartz, attorney; Bill Maher, attorney and member of the San Francisco School Board; and Jose Amador, ambulance medical technician.

Doesn’t fit the image, does it? We do more than separate people from destructive lifestyles. We assist them in challenging life directions. And we offer a taste of the good life by locating ourselves … not in the slums … but in places like Pacific Heights. What better way to stimulate ambition than to rub shoulders with successful people?

We could go on and tell you about our other graduates, Like Barbara Stern, who’s Program Director for the Care Unit at Alta Bates Hospital. And Bill Tolliver, who rose from the walking dead to a new career as a mortician (we rib him about that).

One final question people have is – “Who’s the cop in the picture?”

He’s Oral Nelson; member of the San Francisco Sheriffs Department … and a Delancey Street graduate too.
We couldn’t be more proud.
Just ask our graduates.

20th Alumni Reunion

Felton “Pete” Hopkins who owns his own truck and trucking business and volunteered at Delancey Street’s charter high school for at-risk students with his wife Nancy.

Jesse Senore talking with Delancey Board members Mike Berger and Bill Tolliver, came all the way from Maine to attend the 20th reunion and has been running a successful business for over 20 years, and is putting his five daughters through college.

Lee Boone who has worked successfully for many years in other programs turning around the lives of substance abusers at the reunion with his wife.

Billy Maher went through college and law school while at Delancey Street and as a graduate was elected President of the San Francisco Unified School District Board and later as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, with his son Sean (now a student at Oxford).
Mimi Silbert at the 20th Reunion.

30th Alumni Reunion

Charlie Hayden
Charlie Haden is a world renowned jazz bass player who is still playing around the world and can be heard with Ringo Starr on Ringorama, and numerous other CDs.

Among Delancey's graduates, we count lawyers, small-business owners, restauranteurs, mechanics, and contractors--and even some who work in law enforcement. Here are just a few of our success stories.

  • Kim Barish learned design in our Christmas decorating department. She became a production designer at Foote, Cone & Belding.
  • Mike Delane had hit bottom as a crack addict. He became a captain in the San Francisco fire department; he also works to help kids stay off drugs.
  • Shirley LaMarr was involved with drugs and prostitution for 20 years, and had been in and out of jail. She went on to run social service programs - including one in a prison. (Click here for Shirley's story.)
  • Robert Rocha, who'd committed 24 robberies, had landed in San Quentin by the time he was 18 years old. He became a district sales manager for Pepsi, a husband, and a father.
  • Bill Toliver went to school to study mortuary science while at Delancey. He became a medical examiner for the city of San Francisco. (Click here for Bill's story.)
  • Jimmy Tyrell had hit bottom with heroin. He got his general contractor's license while building Delancey's facility on the Embarcadero; he went on to run his own contracting business. (Click here for Jimmy's story.)
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