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Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Café is a training school of the Delancey Street Foundation, the country's largest and most acclaimed self-help residential educational center for people who have hit bottom to completely rebuild their lives. Like the immigrants who came through Ellis Island to Delancey Street on New York's Lower East Side at the turn of the last century to start new lives, newcomers to Delancey Street Foundation are "immigrants" of all races, all ages, all backgrounds, who come together in this community of last resort.

For 40 years, Delancey Street has provided a home and all services to thousands of residents at no cost to the client and no cost to the taxpayer. We support ourselves through private donations and through enterprises such as this café which train our residents and also provide income. We pool our resources. All café proceeds after product costs go directly to house, feed, and clothe our residents and teach all the skills, values, and attitudes needed for a successful drug-free and crime-free life in the mainstream of society.

For our residents, Delancey Street is the true crossroads of life. In choosing a new road — the one less traveled — they draw strength from each other and the community. Since our inception, Delancey Street has sought to keep alive the best traditions of America united with innovative approaches: an extended family, the work ethic, people joining together committed to change, to hard work and a "can do" confidence, to discipline and dignity, to self-respect and service to others.

Our café follows this same principle. Here, at Crossroads Café, all tastes converge. Traditional favorites, new harvests and new ideas. The finest specialty coffees from around the world available by the bean or by the cup. Over 40 types of teas blended and brewed to perfection. Juices freshly squeezed to order; smoothies made in 15 zesty combinations with nutritional boosters available to add health benefits to the pleasure. Breakfast with homemade granola and waffles made from scratch and lots of fresh pastries we make daily. H&H Bagels, "the world's best bagel" are flown in from New York and bakedoff daily by us. Salads and sandwiches and platters that are comfortable and homey and filling. Wines and beers, italian sodas and bar foods. Nonfat yogurts and rich, creamy ice creams in flavors like Mitchell's Macapuno Sweet Coconut. We have art for all budgets from signed R.C. Gorman, Dali, andMiro lithographs to posters, all of which we can frame for you. Our books range from fiction and poetry to the latest cook book,magazines and newspapers to buy and others just available to browse through while relaxing.

Not only is our food fresh and homemade, our entire café is "homemade" as well. We built the structure, hand-carved our bar, hand-built the bookcases, poured and cut the concrete, and developed the acid wash stain for our floor. In an incredible show of community support, Howard Lester, the CEO of Pottery Barn donated our fabulous furniture and dishes. Curl up on a Pottery Barn Malabar Sofa and relax with a cup of Yin Hao Jasmine tea. Or hop on Pottery Barn bar stools, reminiscent of the "olde soda fountains", and sip a mocha fudge milk shake "to die for." The Cafe was voted in the top 10 for CITY'S BEST the last two years for Family Friendly Restaurant in the AOL San Francisco Cityguide and receives 4 out of 5 stars from Yelp. Read some more customer reviews here and here.

So many wonderful people have put part of themselves into our café. It is a reflection of the idiosyncrasies of each of us as well as the cross-cultural blending of all. But it can't come together without you. We hope you truly relax and enjoy yourselves in our "home." If we can do something better, please tell us.

Crossroads Cafe

699 Delancey Street
San Francisco, CA


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