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Chanlyut House

Cook Inlet Tribal Council (Anchorage, AK)

The first group selected to develop a Delancey Street replication was the Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), an Alaskan Native regional non-profit corporation located in Anchorage, Alaska. We selected this group because we wanted one replication that would develop the Delancey model as a new program under an umbrella organization. The Executive Director, Gloria O’Neill, had visited Delancey Street and wanted to replicate the model to add this new component to her organization. Intensive training began in 2002. In addition to Cook Inlet Tribal Council staff and Board members training in San Francisco, Mimi Silbert and Delancey residents visited Alaska. We met with virtually all the state’s stakeholders who were extremely interested in the Delancey model coming to Alaska including the Alaska State Police, the Mayor of Anchorage and local Anchorage law enforcement, senior officials of Alaska Probation and Parole, Public Defender’s office, and District Attorney, members of the judiciary, the Commissioner of Corrections and her staff, representatives of social service agencies, advocacy groups and private foundations.

The CITC Board of Directors and CITC staff related strongly to the family-oriented dynamic that is so fundamental to the nature of Delancey Street, since family is also a profoundly important ingredient in Alaskan Native life and culture. The board has also incorporated Delancey Street principles throughout the CITC organization. CITC established a separate 501(c)(3) corporation called Chanlyut (the Athabaskan word meaning new beginnings) as the vehicle for replicating Delancey Street. Chanlyut initially is managed and financed by CITC but will become increasingly independent as the model takes shape and as the business training schools establish some measure of self-sufficiency. The new Chanlyut Board of Directors is comprised of Alaskan Native leaders as well as other municipal, union and state leaders (since the replication will not be limited to Alaskan Native residents). A building has been purchased and is serving as both the residence and primary location for the business training schools. The program began with 15 - 20 men with plans for expansion of residents and further development of business training schools. Business training schools include snow removal, landscaping, building maintenance, construction, moving and a diner and baking enterprise.

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